Can You Help?

Have you got any special skills that could help us? Are you a good listener? Have you got a few extra hours in the day you could volunteer for us? You would be amazed at how you could help BHPT.  From helping with cooking and going into local schools, to sitting with them at their hose for a chat so they have someone to see during the week, everyone has something that is useful to others.  

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community but also a great way to fill some spare time and work on your CV.  It suits such a broad range of people, those looking to get back in to work after a long break, those who are retired and looking for some smaller hours to fill their day and even students! 

Then there could be a specialist skill you have! Be it a craft talent you would like to share or teach, a musical instrument you’d like to play for our service users at a celebration.

We also might be on the look out for specific items we are searching for, for our service users or the local community, keep an eye out on our Facebook page to see if you can help!